Open Source Community: Keep A Gratitude Journal

As a being you are either in a state of Love or fear. You are expanded consciousness, universal energy, Love… whatever term you use to refer to the aspect of yourself that is aware of an “I” distinct from your thoughts and emotions. But you also have an ego-self that serves to protect you from external danger as a human in the world. We can be grateful to the ego for playing its role in the survival of our species, and respect it as a tool for navigating life on Earth. But understand that it is also our human, fear-based self that can be in conflict with your own expanded consciousness, unintentionally opposing your greater connection to yourself as a being of infinite Love and universal energy. This fear is experienced and expressed in many ways, including pain, anger, frustration, resentment, judgement, lack of acceptance, denial…

Dis-ease may be an expression of suppressed fear from not acknowledging and accepting some form of it in your life. It may be an internal manifestation of conditioning or perspectives that are not grown from Love and are not in alignment with your true self.

Fundamental to coming from Love – your true self – is self-Love: the choice moment by moment to live in a way that honours your greatest potential. All of life on Earth is interconnected, we are all part of the living, breathing organism that is Mother Earth. We are physical manifestations of the Life Force energy that exists throughout the Universe, in every star, blade of grass and human body. And the greatest potential of the whole is in perfect alignment with the greatest potential of all life on Earth. If healing will bring you closer to your true self then universal energy will flow to manifest it, if you allow it to be. Your openness to the flow of universal energy is your ability to Love yourself. It is for this reason that self-love – openness to channeling universal energy – is essential for healing. 

Know that you are a being powerful beyond measure. Life brings us challenges as points of growth for expanded consciousness. It is up to you to respond in a way that is in alignment with your own greatest potential. And this is entirely dependent on your ability to love yourself. Do not be afraid of falling into selfishness, it stems from fear not Love. It is a lack of self-love that leads someone to a fear-based response of needing to take from others in order to protect the self. Self-Love will bring you into greater harmony with universal energy, which is the essence of all life on Earth, and true healing.

The easiest way to Love yourself is to connect to yourself as being of Love, through gratitude. Keep a Gratitude Journal as a way to align yourself with expanded consciousness, intentionally choose self-Love, and allow the greatest potential for healing, overall fulfillment and sense of one-ness with the flow of life.



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