Put Climate Action On The Table By Taking Animals Off Our Plates

I believe that humans are innately good. But ego-driven fears and conditioning can lead us to act out of alignment with our true selves – Love Energy. I once found graffiti on the door of a beach-side toilet that said “Love doesn’t exist”. And it woke me up to the reality that some people are so disconnected from their true self that they no longer believe that it even exists. That scares me because those people will make choices that don’t honour themselves, or their community of people, animals and nature. You can’t give Love to others in the way that supports their Greatest Potential, if you are blocking self-love. Blocking it out with thoughts created by an overly-protective ego. Ego is I, Love is We. If you don’t believe Love exists, if you don’t believe in being part of an interconnected whole, how can you act for the best of Us?

The world needs Us. The planet needs us to stand up and stand together to defend and protect it. To protect our planet, is to protect ourselves. Communities around the world are being affected by “Climate Violence – actions that drive the effects of Climate Change in a way that is detrimental to sustained and supported life on Earth for humans, animals and nature” (Caitlin Murphy). People across the globe are protesting in the streets, sharing thoughts on what needs to change, making life changes in an attempt to do what they can to help, living through and dying from it. And whether people are driven to help out of respect for the Natural World, or from fears about their own future, or that of their children, it doesn’t matter. Conscious action is what the world needs now.

I attended a Climate Crisis National Day Of Action that I hope had a meaningful impact. The crowd that gathered was strong, speakers were firm and passionate, and public support through the streets was encouraging. We called for Indigenous Land Rights, and for An End To Fossil Fuels. We made mention of transport as a contributor to Climate Change. And then the ground in front of us cracked open, and the fact that Animal-Agriculture-is-at-least-the-second-largest-driver-of-Climate-Change fell into the huge hole that developed. And everyone just pushed around it as if sustained life on earth didn’t hang in their balance.

Deforestation, habitat loss, loss of biodiversity, species extinction, world-hunger, the lives of billions of land and sea animals, and Climate Change are all affected by the Animal Agriculture Industry, which is fueled by our consumption habits. I understand Climate Change groups not wanting to throw the V-word at potential comrades out of fear that calling supporters to account for their lifestyle choices may be too confronting for some. But until we really put climate action on the table by taking animal products off our plates, we’ll just keep walking around the potential for real change.

If you want to take action to nurture the planet, choose a self-love that sees you as part of an interconnected whole. Maybe you’ll decide to join a few protests, or you’ll have a meaningful conversation that encourages a helpful shift in someone’s understanding of fossil fuels, pollution and what governments are allowing corporations to do to the planet. And maybe you’ll take responsibility for your own impact on Climate Change by reducing or eliminating animals and animal products from your diet. It’s a whole lot easier to stop eating cow’s cheese and the flesh of dead animals when the planet is still able to sustain growing and manufacturing all the other good food that you enjoy.


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