HUMANIMAL (campaign)

Animal Rights are inherent to an eco-centric worldview. Through this lens, humanity and all non-human species are intricately connected as members of the Earth Community. And Earth is a living, breathing organism that is affected by the planet’s inhabitants. Humanity does not sit atop a speciesist hierarchy. The planet and all its life forms depend on us to uphold the responsibility inherent to our influence on Earth.

While certain communities of people are dependent on animals for survival, many others weigh up the value of animal rights against culture, convenience, and pleasure. There are people who believe that we are entitled to harm animals, and people who never want to harm an animal but will close their minds-eye to it when they feel like eating or wearing one. 

And there are other people who do their best to not consume or make use of products that are made of animals. They believe that animals have the right to live free from abuse, exploitation and unnecessary suffering. They understand that the diversity of animals is a marker of their variety, but not of their sentience. This capacity for sensation or feeling is the ultimate driver of Animal Rights.

HUMANIMAL is an animal rights campaign creating conversations about humanity’s relationship with animals.