Bucks For Butts


Bucks For Butts is a community-outreach initiative to tackle the most littered item in the world – cigarette butts. 

Most cigarette butts are not biodegradable because they contain cellulose acetate – the same plastic used in sunglasses and toothbrushes. A cigarette butt can take up to 10 years to decompose, breaking down into plastic dust that will circulate in the environment indefinitely.

In Australia, approximately 20 million cigarette butts are littered every day. That’s 7 billion butts (one-third of the cigarettes sold) in Australia each year.  If laid end to end, the line of butts would circle Earth 3.6 times.

Littered butts pollute the environment, are toxic to marine ecosystems, choke and poison land and sea animals, leach chemicals and toxins into the ground and waterways poisoning living organisms, impact the quality of our water, are fire hazards, and are a risk to the health and safety of young children and pets.

Bucks for Butts is a community clean-up project that sees public involvement rewarded with discounts or freebies from local businesses. 


Project Intentions

  • Raise public awareness of cigarette butts containing plastic
  • Drive an on-going litter clean-up initiative
  • Encourage conscious consumerism
  • Support local businesses
  • Facilitate community connection
  • Encourage nature-connection
  • Protect the environment, ocean and marine life from plastic pollution


“All business has an obligation to create a legacy of sustainability, creativity, innovation, and service”.

Welcome to the Circular Economy, based on connection, community and collaboration. 

Thank you for acting for change.