Beyond Borders – For Food Solidarity

The current pandemic threatens people with hunger to the extent of suffering or death. We need to work together to uphold the basic human right to food, and we have to act fast to reach as many people as quickly as possible.

While developed countries like Australia are pulling through Covid-19 comparatively strong, developing nations are still bracing themselves for the full and far-reaching impacts. Issues of no income, insufficient government funding, no medicare, a struggling health care system, mass desperation and impending starvation are unfortunately very real. But so is the power of human kindness

People around the world are depending on the generosity of strangers to survive this global challenge to humanity. Beyond Borders – For Food Solidarity addresses the basic human right to food, understands that food is defined by its nutritional value, supports fair and sustainable food systems, and acknowledges community culture in hunger relief initiatives. We deliver fresh produce and wholesome pantry staples to people who really need it.

With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as our guide, we are proud to collaborate with individuals and businesses that support progressive food security. Through public donations and professional sponsorships, we are able to step out of the broken food system to support local farms and low-income communities. All donations go directly to delivering Grocery Boxes expertly designed for maximum nutritional value at the most fair price. 

We Deliver

  • culturally-conscious grocery boxes
  • expertly designed for maximum nutritional value at the fairest price
  • sourced from local farmers aligned with fair and sustainable food systems
  • to people in low-income communities

Food is a basic human right, not a privilege. Our neighbours across borders are facing food insecurity that threatens their survival. We need a unified approach to hunger relief. We need Food Solidarity now.

When $1 buys two nutritious meals for people who would otherwise go hungry, every dollar is an investment in a human life


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