Body Rights

Body Rights is a social justice campaign addressing society’s sexual dysfunction, and advancing gender visibility, equality, and sexual consciousness.

The world is undergoing a sexual revolution. The myths of gender hierarchy and gender binaries have been disproved, and in their place gender recognition and gender equality are emerging. Never before has there been such an expansive global movement of Sexual Consciousness. We acknowledge the generations on whose shoulders we now stand, and we hold space for the people who will carry the flag of basic human rights home for every person –  irrespective of biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual and romantic orientation.

Like a lotus through the mud, Sexual Consciousness is arising from society’s sexual dysfunction. People are standing up to be acknowledged as equals, and are speaking out about sexual violence – war on a body. A war against freedom and equality, dignity and rights. A war against humanity.

Body Rights is for visibility, equality, and sexual peace.