FEAL’s Director

Caitlin Murphy

Founder & Director

As FEAL’s Founder and Director, Caitlin runs campaigns and projects addressing urgent Human, Animal and Earth Rights issues. FEAL is Caitlin’s hope for greater fairness and equality, and for humanity and the natural world to live their greatest potential.

Caitlin is inspired by nature, cultural diversity and the power of human connection. A Humanities Degree underpins her expertise, as does having lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, England, Australia, and her Motherland, South Africa. She travels to explore the differences and interconnectedness of diverse cultures, challenge her own social conditioning, soak up the magic of nature, and to expand the fullness of her human experience.

Caitlin has expressed her advocacy for Freedom, Empowerment And Love as a teacher, writer and editor, and as a holistic health practitioner working to heal physical, mental and emotional trauma. She confronts injustice with empathy, and is driven by the belief that liberation will come for all of us or none of us. Resilient in telling her own survivor story, she hopes to facilitate self-love and empowerment; and teach that integrity is the very last inch of us, but in that inch we are free. Caitlin stands peacefully and firmly in solidarity with the voiceless, silenced and oppressed – for a fairer, kinder and consciously-connected world.