For Environmental Protection

Suzette Collins

Plastic Dust Campaign Coordinator & Bucks For Butts Project Coordinator 

Suzette is at her best when she is in the natural environment. She was raised in a family who loves to be outdoors, and early in life was made aware of the impact that humans have on this planet. Her vocation is her family, community and volunteering. As the Plastic Dust Campaign Coordinator and Bucks For Butts Project Coordinator, Suzette is directly tackling the most littered item in the world – cigarette butts – and the severe repercussions for our environment.
Suzette is also active in Humpbacks and Highrises – a Gold Coast-based organisation that monitors the movements, health and wellbeing of humpback whales. In the past she has worked with infants, primary and high school children, and adults, specialising in behavioural and special needs. Suzette believes that we must coexist respectfully and harmoniously with each other and the environment in order for us to be truly happy.