Who we serve


The Tri-Rights Union was born from a belief in Greater Potential. And that belief is really the only determiner of changing or creating anything. Our Greatest Potential as individuals and as a planet depends on humankind living in unity, both within ourselves and with all members of our Earth Community. 

The Tri-Rights Union – TRU – represents the Greater Good, and our Union members make up a diverse and inclusive community. Our common-unity is our belief that humans, animals and all of nature have intrinsic value and rights, and that we are interconnected parts of the living, breathing organism that is Mother Earth. Never before has humanity been so united for the Greater Good, and this is both supported by and nurturing the evolution of human consciousness. Human Nature is becoming more congruent with Mother Nature as we come to understand that in Unity we heal ourselves and the world.

The Tri-Rights Union was conceived in the United Arab Emirates, gestated in India and South Africa, birthed in Australia, and continues to be fed by global rights issues and international demand for systems change. TRU exists to help bridge the gap between the current state of the world and the New Earth that together we are creating. From a seed of hope for a kinder world, TRU has now grown into a love affair between spirituality and activism, between Universal Laws and Basic Rights, between Greater Potential and Systems Change. 

Human Rights, Animal Rights and Earth Rights are the triple bottom line of sustainable life on Earth. By protecting and advancing TRI-Rights – the rights of all – we are taking aligned action for a united, fair world.