Self-Empowerment is finding your magic and bringing it to life in all aspects of your human experience.

It asks for you to reflect on your life, uncover any areas that you feel need attention, and purposefully bring about change in alignment with your most authentic self.

Self-empowerment is determined by your ability to stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself. Where are you holding yourself to what you think you should be, or be doing?

Self-Empowerment is figuring out how you want to feel about yourself and what you really want your life to look like, it’s taking action to create this reality, having the courage to believe in yourself in the face of adversity, staying strong in your determination to manifest your dreams, and remaining always hopeful that you have the ability to manifest life in alignment with your greatest potential.

Self-Empowerment is dependent on you taking responsibility for the life you are living, knowing that your experience of the world is determined by your frame of mind, and that you have the power to create a life of abundance, without lack, where you are fulfilled and content in the present moment.


(Self-Empowerment Target – Concept)